Safety Padding for Floodlights and Pitch Side Columns.

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Where flood lighting, telegraph poles or other pitch side obstructions pose a potential danger to the users, Safety Padding Ireland can provide a safe and durable solution.

As most obstructions  in outdoor facilities tend to be larger in diameter we change our construction methods when manufacturing this style of product. Heavier timber carcasses are used to ensure that the padding, when in place, doesn’t lose any of it’s shape which may compromise the protection offered – and incorporating internal heavy duty steel brackets makes sure the padding will last.

Thicker impact foams that are specifically designed to be left outdoors in all weather without losing their protective properties, these types of foam will not absorb water so will not deteriorate quickly like cheaper sponge foams.
Our foams range from 30mm to 150mm depending on the application. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best solution for your venue.

Safety Padding Ireland also produce large wrap style padding for outdoor areas. This padding comes fully vinyl wrapped and is fixed in place with heavy duty brass eyelets for permanent use.

Outer wraps
All vinyl used in our safety padding  for outdoor areas are heavy duty with built in rip-stop properties to make sure the material will not puncture or tear easily if it comes into contact with football studs, sports equipment etc.  The vinyl’s are colour fast, water-proof, anti-bacterial and not effected by excessive heat or cold weather.

Floodlight padding

Floodlight padding

Pitch Side Padding

Safety Padding Ireland also offers full or partial pitch side padding solutions for walls, fencing / railings and team shelters for all outdoor sports facilities. Our wall padding is constructed in Ireland by SPI using the same high quality and  high durability materials as our floodlight pads to ensure that maximum protection is offered for years to come.
Our flat sheeting, that can be supplied for self installation or can be supplied and fitted by SPI, the padding comes in a standard 2m x 1m sheet form and a range of options for fitting the padding to the desired area. Special sizes are made to order and will leave you with the perfect fit and finish.

For full specifications and pricing for your venue please contact us – -5394 10709 / 083 130 9947