Safety Padding Products

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[toggle title=”1.Tuff-Stuff’Basketball & Sports Goal Padding” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#930900″ open=”true”]

Our most popular type of padding is for sports goals found in playgrounds, school yards and sports centres.
Our ‘Tuff-Stuff’ padding is designed to wrap snugly around your basketball goalposts and can be left out all year round. This weather proof padding solution will withstand the winter weather while still retaining its shape and appearance.
This type of padding can be supplied with either brass eyelets or high strength velcro fastening depending on your requirements and as with all of our products can be supplied in a range of colours, logo’s, school crests and high visibilty striping.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. Wall padding.” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#E6A501″ open=”false”]

Padding for the end wall, or side walls,  of your gymnasium or sports hall will prevent players running into brickwork or concrete and therefore greatly enhancing safety for the users of your facility.

  • Run off areas. If your hall has less than the desired, or required, run off area from the baseline / end or side lines of basketball courts please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the safest solution possible.
  • Customised Wall Padding. Our wall padding can be made in your teams, club or schools colours and we can add your logo or slogan to create a real eye-catching feature to your facility.
  • High visibility finish. Our wall padding is also available with high visibility finish which is great for outdoor use and provides a additional safety feature for the public. This is most applicable in areas such as car parks, walk ways, stair wells and low light areas.


[toggle title=”3. Post / Pillar / Column Padding” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#2F2F2F” open=”false”]We supply standard size padding for items such as basketball goals and sports goals, we also supply post/column padding to your exact dimensions & requirement.
Our padding is suitable for use in the following applications:

  1. Basketball and Sports goal padding
  2. Pole padding
  3. Square post or column padding
  4. Beams running overhead

We manufacture padding to your exact requirement – suitable for use in the following environments

  1. Schools, universities and colleges
  2. Creches and Montissori schools
  3. Sensory Rooms
  4. Sports clubs and sports facilities
  5. Childrens play areas
  6. Industrial / commercial premises
  7. Hotels and exhibition centres
  8. Car parks
  9. Garages/Car show rooms
  10. Time out areas


[toggle title=”4. Corner Safety Padding” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#930900″ open=”false”]
Our corner padding can be manufactured to what ever size is required and provide a great safety solution for all edges and protrusions. As with all of our padding, the safety padding can designed be for indoor or outdoor use, as a temporary or permanent fixture.
For more information please contact.


[toggle title=”5. Radiator Safety Padding” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#E6A501″ open=”false”]
If you have radiators in your school sports hall or a general purpose hall, then padding the radiators edges is a must. Our safety padding can be made to completely cover the whole radiator with integrated vents to ensure no heat loss, or we can just do the corners if this is all that is required. The padding can be manufactured in a colour that either complements your facility or alternatively clashes to ensure greater visibility.


[toggle title=”6. Sensory Room Padding” color=”#E6A501″ border=”#2F2F2F” open=”false”]
Sensory room padding provides a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for children to play in or just simply relax in.
This stlye of padding is normally made from 100mm or 150mm foam and wrapped in the colour of your choice – the lighter coloured vinyl wraps act as a great backdrop for sensory room projectors and lighting. Lighter coloured vinyl finishes allows for the whole room to change colour and takes stimulation to a whole new level, our range of darker coloured vinyls provide a relaxing and calming environment for your children to ‘chill out’ in and focus on the lighting or toys you may have in the room.
Our Sensory Room padding is fully vinyl wrapped ensuring each piece is easily cleaned allowing for a safe and hygenic facility.


Our Safety Padding Features;

  • Removable padding for easy storage or permanently fixed for convenience.
  • Indoor and outdoor safety padding options.
  • Customised finishes – Add your logo, crest or motto and chose your facilities colours to really enhance the look of your safety padding.
  • High visibility finishes options, allowing work and safety in low light environments.

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