Safety Padding Do It Your Self Kits

For those on a very tight budget or the ‘handy DIY’ type we can supply all of the materials you need to complete most jobs yourself.

If, for example, you are school with a small railing, a commercial property with dangerous projections,

over head beams or corners, a stable manager or involved in agriculture and have areas that may pose a danger we will compile a kit that will allow you to complete and straight forward jobs.

We can supply;

  • Rigid sheet foams in various thicknesses ranging from 20mm through to 200mmFlexible sheet foam for wrapping around posts & projections
  • Interlocking flooring tiles for self installation in schools and creches
  • Coloured sheet foams not requiring any covering material
  • Cylindrical and square profile foam
  • Outdoor, fully waterproof foams
  • We can also supply you with the best type of materials to cover the foams, if required, including
  • leatherette and vinyl
  • Vinyl can also be supplied by the linear meter for DIY enthusiasts to make covers for sandpits,
  • industrial curtaining, truck tarpaulins etc.

Contact Us.

What ever your requirement contact us and we can propose the correct materials to you. / 05394 10709

*Please note that some specialist jobs should not be undertaken on a DIY basis where serious risk of

injury may occur – if you are unsure regarding the suitability of DIY installation please contact our