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Padding for the end wall, or side walls of your sports hall will prevent players running into brickwork or concrete and therefore greatly enhancing safety for the users of your facility.

  • Run off areas. If your hall has less than the required run off area from the baseline or side lines of courts, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the safest solution possible.
  • Customised Wall Padding. Our wall padding can be made in your team’s, club or school’s colours and we can add your logo or slogan to create a real eye-catching feature to your facility.

High visibility finish. Our wall padding is also available with a high visibility finish which is great for outdoor use and provides an additional safety feature for the public. This is applicable in areas such as car parks, walk ways, stair wells and low light areas.

  • Basketball run off padding
  • Basketball run off padding


Columns / Pillars & Beams
If there are supporting beams or protruding pillars in your sports hall there is always a risk of impact and subsequent injuries to the users of the hall

Safety Padding Ireland produce safety padding solutions specifically for your hall with a made to measure fit and durable, anti-bacterial wipe clean finish.
Using high impact foams bonded to a strong timber frame, with internal steel brackets and wrapped in your colour choice of vinyl, the safety of the users of the facility will be greatly increased and they look good too!

Customised Sports Safety Padding

Customised Safety Pillar Padding












For pricing please contact us directly on; 05394 10709  – info@safetypadding.ie