The ugly

What you should look for when purchasing your safety padding.

The good, the bad and the ugly;

Poorly fitting safety padding offers poor protection !
If the safety padding fitted to your sports goals doesn’t fit properly it won’t be too long before it starts to sag, scrunch up and slide down the pole / post – this will leave you with a messy looking play / sports area but most importantly NO PROTECTION.


Safety Padding Ireland’s basketball and sports goals post padding is designed to provide a tight and snug fit around your post, this ensures that the padding stays in the correct position and keeps on doing its job – providing protection.


We achieve a great fit by making our padding to your specific sizes, using the best materials, the heaviest vinyls and the best methods of attachment.

Red Post PaddingYou can choose from either brass eyelets or Velcro attachment to fix the our padding to your goals. The best long term method would always be brass eyelets as this type of attachment would not be subject to wear whereas Velcro might.  If you are in a location that requires you to bring in the padding each Velcro attachment is the option for you, we will gladly advise you on the best method of attachment if you are unsure.

What to look for when you are purchasing safety padding.

The main cause of safety padding sagging is either a poor fit or insufficient fixing points.
Avoid – Padding that is fixed with straps as this may gape, avoid padding with light vinyls as these may scrunch up easier, avoid padding that is made for a purpose other than the purpose you require it for

Look for – Multiple fixing points – the more the better as this helps retain shape, look for heavy duty / heavy weight vinyls as this prolongs the life and look of the padding, look for custom fit – padding made to suit your exact requirements as this will provide you with the best protection.


Safety Padding Ireland manufacture, In Ireland, safety padding for all sports goals and posts including Basketball, Football, GAA, and Volleyball.

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Safety Padding Ireland manufacture, supply and install, wall padding, floor padding, sensory rooms, time out room padding, radiator padding, window sill padding, column / pillar padding, edge and corner padding. For product images and examples please see our products page

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