Wall padding with built in ball pool

Wall padding with built in ball pool

Wall Safety Padding by S.P.I.

Along with manufacturing sports padding Safety Padding Ireland also specialise in producing wall and floor padding in environments such as special schools, facilities for the disabled and residential / private homes.

Our Brief;

To create a safe padded area in a designated part of a large room in a special school.
We were also asked to see if we could incorporate a ball pool into the wall padding to add a fun dimension to the safe area.

Our Solutions
Wall Padding;
We used our 50mm Impact foam with timber backing and very durable leatherette finish to create the wall pads providing a great level of protection and using our manufacturing process to ensure a first rate fit and finish.
The wall padding sheets were made in our warehouse and delivered to site complete for installation. Each piece was made to measure and items such as radiators, skirt boards and plug sockets had to be addresses. The area to be padded was not all to the same finish height so precise measurements were required to ensure the padding fitted perfectly.

Ball Pool;
The customer wanted to add a ball pool in a particular area within the room and asked us for our design ideas. We proposed that the ball pool was created with a full timber frame offering great strength and rigidity and allowing for very secure, hidden fixings. We also suggested, as the ball pool was to be in one corner of the room, that we should only make a partial pool and use our standard wall padding for the back and one side wall – the result of this was a significant cost saving for the customer.
As you will be able to see from the image the adjoining padding had to be accurately manufactured to ensure the fit was perfect and that no gaps or seams were accessible

The Result
The area padded included a radiator with a fully strengthened timber radiator box, the end wall, large chimney breast and partial side wall padding.
The customer has loose lay matting for the floor and this, combined with the safety padding we applied to the walls and radiator, will provide a safe and durable play area for the site. Add the extra dimension of a ball pool into this room and not only will the area be safe and durable but great fun too !!

Our Products.
As we manufacture our safety padding solutions in house we can make padding specifically for your school, crèche, centre or commercial property. Ball pools are manufactured to your requirements both in terms of the size of the pool and the depth of the pools walls – allowing you to cater for all age groups and abilities.

We offer a design, supply and install service and also a supply only service for the less complicated jobs.

With a full range of sports post & goal padding, floor mating and floor padding , door padding and edge protection  available in indoor and outdoor finishes Safety Padding Ireland will be able meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Please contact Phil with your requirements on 053 94 10709 / 083 130 9947 or email to info@safetypadding.ie