Sports Hall Safety Pads

Safety Padding for School Halls. Safety Padding Issue. Recently we were asked to provide a safety padding solution to ensure that the children in a Dublin school hall would not hurt themselves by falling, or running into, two large support beams in a multi-purpose sports hall. The schools problems were [...]

Floodlight Safety Padding, Co. Waterford

Villa Football Club, Waterford City Recently we made a floodlight post pad for Villa Football Club inWaterfordCity. The floodlight pole was a bit too close to the side line of the football pitch so the brief was to pad the post to ensure that wayward players would not hurt themselves [...]

Radiator Safety padding for Co. Kildare School.

The Phone Call. Recently we received a call from a school in Kildare who had an issue with radiators in the school general purpose room. In the hall there were several radiators with sharp metal corners which posed a significant risk, if a child fell into or against the radiators [...]

Column and Pillar Safety Padding

Column and Pillar Safety Padding. In the sports hall pictured there were a number of “I” Beams projecting into the hall around 200mm. While these “I” Beams were not directly on the court the beams were a significant danger to the users of the hall. Our Task. Our brief was [...]

Welcome to Safety Padding Ireland

Website Imminent Launch September 2012. Our new website is due to be redesigned by 14/9/2012. We have given the layout, design and usability of our new website a good deal of thought; it should be easier to navigate, download information and request site visits. If you are an School Teacher/Principal, [...]

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