The Phone Call.

Recently we received a call from a school in Kildare who had an issue with radiators in the school general purpose room.

In the hall there were several radiators with sharp metal corners which posed a significant risk, if a child fell into or against the radiators serious injuries would undoubtedly occur.

We were asked to provide a safety padding solution to ensure that if a child tripped or fell against the radiator corners or valves serious injury would be prevented.

The Safety Padding Solution.

Our solution was to make a strong timber case with the internal measurements exactly the same size as the outside measurements of the radiator, this would provide a perfect fit, critical, as no fixings could be used to secure the padding permanently.
We also had to incorporate the valves on top of the radiators, these had to be accessed to change heat settings, this added to the height of the safety padding above the radiator.

The Customised Radiator Padding Details.

30mm thick impact safety padding foam was shaped to cover the timber cases and the foam which were then upholstered in a wipe clean, hard wearing vinyl. The vinyl was upholstered onto the timber using staples as the heat of the radiator would affect the properties of adhesives over time. To ensure a pick proof, long lasting finish all corners of the vinyl wrap were heat welded to provide a clean looking and strong finish.

Alternative Radiator Padding Protection.

In this case we were asked to cover only the corners of the radiators to protect the users of the hall against the more dangerous corners.
We can provide fully padded casings for radiators with integrated grills and vents to ensure no heat loss, we can also provide bumpers to deflect away from radiators and padded radiator toppers fixed to walls above radiators where block work is accessible.

More safety padding we supply & install.

Radiator padding is just one of the types of protective padding we can custom make for your sports hall, school or business. we also supply and install the following types of sports hall safety padding

1. Wall Safey Padding.

2. Post / Pillar / Column Safety Padding

3. Corner Safety Padding

More safety padding information.

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