Column and Pillar Safety Padding.

In the sports hall pictured there were a number of “I” Beams projecting into the hall around 200mm. While these “I” Beams were not directly on the court the beams were a significant danger to the users of the hall.

Our Task.

Our brief was to design, manufacture and install safety padding to fit directly onto these 3 sided beams and provide the maximum safety possible for the sporshall visitors.

Our Solution.

Our solution to this problem was as follows.
30mm thick high impact foam mounted to a timber backing
Timber backing to provide fixing method
Fixing method of 90 degree brackets to provide maximum strength but be virtually invisible
Padding wrapped in heavy duty vinyl with leather textured finish

Finishing touches.

Our client requested that the sportshall / clubs name was on the padding to really provide an eye catching feature, in addition, the clubs logo was also incorporated into the design. The graphics were applied on site to each of the ten pieces of column safety padding. The bold white graphics on the navy blue vinyl really transformed the look of the safety padding.


Customised Safety Padding for Your School / Sports Club / Business.

We can make padding for similar obstructions of any size for both indoor and outdoor use, all manufactured specifically for your site to ensure the maximum safety is provided for your school, sports club or business.

Range of Colours & Foam.

We work with a range of colours & foams for our safety padding. We can incorporate two colours into each safety pad to match your school or sports club colours and apply graphics to really transform your sports facility.

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